Gariep Gliding


Ambitious or comfortable flying for 50 years. Countless world and country records were flown here.

We have two 23m wide asphalt runways with 1100 and 1300 m length, 2 hangars, in addition shadow places. No sand runways.
Excellent club building, a lapa and an excellent tow plane. Good weather advice goes without saying.
Likewise, water pipes to ballast refuel to the outdoor courts.
A variety of small runways and suitable fields in the environment.
Triangular flights over the different landscapes are the rule. The world record 1000km triangle still exists.
You get to know South African pilots and thus also the country.

The village Gariep has a variety of restaurants, a little further away are nice lodges and large game parks. In moderate weather you can make excursions.
Both the restaurants and the accommodations in the village are very reasonably priced. Overall, we are about 1/3 cheaper than Namibia. Also, the days are almost ½ hour longer.

Bahn 10/28

runway 10/28
23m wide

Bahn 33/15

runway 33/15
23m wide

Taxiway Halle

large taxiway, can be used for landing in case of
extreme weather conditions

The Club House has a large terrace and comfortable facilities, the African "lapa" lends itself to reflection and philosphy and offers a great view of the African landscape, the lake and the homecoming aircraft.

Terasse Lapa

A garden, shower rooms, first-class toilets for men and women and a comfortable club room.

Clubraum Bobbejahn